Why exhibitions have become even more relevant right now


Exhibitions are becoming an even more relevant tool for promoting products on the domestic market, because now it is an opportunity to fill vacant niches, live dialogue and meetings with their customers, expand sales markets.

Why exhibitions have become even more relevant right now

Use the opportunity to personally present your products, because personal meetings are one of the most effective tools. 
Take part in the exhibition to:

  • occupy vacant niches,
  • find new customers in the Urals and increase sales,
  • communicate with potential buyers and get a live product review.
Exhibition sections:
  • Furniture. Interior items
  • Equipment, components and tools for furniture production
  • Woodworking equipment and tools
  • Equipment and tools for forestry and forestry industry
  • Logging equipment
  • Equipment and tools for processing stone, glass and metal
The Urals is one of the most stable regions of Russia with high purchasing power, significant resources and a developed logistics infrastructure.
Visitors of the exhibition:
  • Representatives of wholesale and retail trade in furniture and interior items
  • Representatives of logging, timber processing, woodworking enterprises
  • Owners, managers and buyers of furniture and interior salons
  • Managers and technologists of large factories and small manufacturing enterprises
  • Owners, managers, technologists of timber processing and woodworking industries
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